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Range of products in Munich

Sale offer in our store in Munich

An overview of our range of goods offered. The shop is opened also for all customers at the mentioned times. Feel free to come and have a look.

Leather is a natural product. Therefore the individual skins cannot look like imitation leathers which are manufactured by machines. Each skin has a different size (within a narrow range) as well as possible colour nuances. Also depending upon habitat of the animal, scars, insect and parasite's stings, neck folds and structure differences have to be accepted. These are natural characteristics of a skin and therefore no reduction to quality of the product.

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BekleidungslederGarment leather
Soft leather, soft touch for fashionable clothing.
Lamb Nappa, goat suede, cow and calf Nappa, pig suede and buck suede

Upholstery leather
Genuine Nappa-leather is dyed through in the drum: Protective coating, humidity and oil rejecting.
Nappa leather pigmented with slight colour coating: Protective coating against humidity and dirt. Covered leather, drum dyed, buffed and prepared with a mechanical coinage.

 SchuhoberlederShoe upper leather
A large selection of colours and qualities is constantly on stock. Leather of cattle, calf, buffalo, goat, sheep, pig in all categories like Nappa, Nubuck, suede and split.

Automotive leather
Automotive leather is tanned depending upon manufacturer chrome-free or chrome based and are free of any kind of solvent chemicals. All our products were manufactured in a ecologically friendly tanning and colouring process.
The processed leather are being prepared on the base of watery pigmented acrylate dispersion, sprayed and slightly printed.


Saddler’s leather
We supply an extensive range of Vegetable Tanned leathers perfectly suited for saddler industries.

 LammfelleLamb and goat skins for clothing
Lambskins are natural, temperature-compensatory and with a high breathing ability. They are easy caring with a high self cleaning characteristic because of the structure of the woollen fibre it is prevented from contamination.
Beautifully soft and very tough nappa leather.
Chamois tanned leather e.g. for national costumes or western clothes
 ImitateExotic Leather
Mostly from goat skin or calf's leather: Suitable for shoe and bag’s production and also as application for clothing and belts. In many variations (Crocodile, Python, Lizard or fantasy prints)
LederbänderLeather straps
In the colours dark brown, black and nature in different substances.
Small parts (belt buckles, eyes etc.) on kilo base unsorted at an unbeatable price.

Leather cleaner is neutral and therefore universally applicable. It does not contain any optical bleaching chemicals, because this would interfere with aniline leather and influence the transparency of the colour.
Leather balm
Our leather balm is a watery emulsion with natural oils, fat and wax.
Leather spray
The spray is only available as a pumping spray to save the environment. The leather spray is suited for Nubuk, suede and aniline leather for a water and dirt repellent effect.